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Your Guide To Binary Options Signals

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Binary Options. What are they?

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Binary Options are a yes/no proposition (hence the term “binary”). Trading binary options are done based on whether you consider the answer to be a yes or a no, for this reason, it is one of the simplest systems that exists.

With Binary Options, you have the opportunity to win by predicting the future value of Forex currency pairs

They are also known as return options or fixed payment or as all or nothing options. Their most striking feature is that they offer the investor a payment or fixed return as a benefit if, at the expiration time, the option rises or falls.

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Advantages of Binary Options

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Easy to understand.
The mechanics are very simple; it consists of a yes or a no. One must only predict whether the underlying asset will fall or rise in value and do so in the given time.

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High profitability.
With minimum deposits, greater profits can be obtained in a short time compared to traditional investments.

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Small risk.
The payment or return is fixed, and the amount is determined in advance, so you can calculate your earnings from the beginning and have more control of the risks.

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More freedom.
They can be done at any time and from any place with an Internet connection, even from mobile devices.

Binary Options. How to invest?

Trading strategies with binary options can be simple or complex, with greater or lesser benefits, but are necessary to invest successfully, maximizing performance and minimizing risk.

The success of the operation relies heavily on the knowledge of the asset; this is achieved through market analysis and using strategies to understand the behavior of markets and the most appropriate time to conduct the negotiation.

Although you do not need to be an expert in finance for trading, it is vital to have a basic education of how the financial world operates to perform these types of operations. Thus:

Flecha amarilla horizonDefine your strategy.

If you are clear on your objectives, you will use the plan that best suits you to meet them and this, in turn, will lead you to find the time when you have greater chances for success.

Flecha amarilla horizon Study trends.

Bet on the rise or fall of an asset considering the maximum and minimum values.

Flecha amarilla horizonPractice.

Choose a binary options broker that has a demo account, which will help you learn and gain more confidence to achieve positive trading in the real market.

To invest in Binary Options follow these steps:

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Sign up with us to receive the best binary options signals.

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Make your investment based on your strategy.

Binary Options. When to invest?

Binary Options are a means of investment that consists of predicting the future value of an asset in a given time, the most important being the trend, either the rise or the fall.

In our offered service, we explicitly indicate that the binary options signals we send are “per month” and not per day, since it would be impossible to say how many signals will be sent daily.

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There may be days when we offer zero signals, as well as there will be others where we offer ten or more. It all depends on the market behavior for that day.

We have seen many signal providers that offer a daily quota of signals per day, but be wary of them. Sending a signal just to reach a daily quota can be risky.

Horizon Trading Signals will only send you trading signals when conditions are met. We will never do it to cover a pre-established daily quota.

Remember that it is better not to
trade than to trade and lose

Also, you should know that there is no specific schedule, only ideal conditions. To determine when is the best time to invest in binary options, apart from studying the market, we make the following recommendations:

Binary Options. Tips for investing

  • Watch for market changes.
    The more participants in trading, the greater the movements and the more opportunities to find signs of a trend.
  • Consider your time zone.
    The signals are sent between 12:00 and 18:00 GMT.
  • Investigate.
    Use weekends to analyze trends and market activity during the week and prepare for the next, as noted.
  • Stay informed.
    Financial news is continually published in articles or studies that can provide relevant data and useful tools (calendars, graphs, etc.) on economics and trade in general.

Binary Options. What Assets?

Binary options offer a varied range of investments, and the final decision depends on your preferences and interests, the knowledge or the attractiveness that can be exercised in a certain asset and the current market situation.

There are several types of assets to invest in binary options, however, at Horizon Trading Signals, we specialize in foreign currencies.

Our services include the monitoring of the following currency pairs:


Binary Options. Deception

Binary options are a very accessible, reliable, and entirely legal financial instrument, which allows for very fast profits, with risks similar to those of other products in the markets.

To avoid possible fraud, make sure that you deal with regulated brokers, which operate legally and guarantee the security of your capital with a transparent management of operations, from investment to withdrawal of profits.

Forex. What is it?

  • Forex is the abbreviation used to refer to the “Foreign Exchange Market,” the international market of currencies where the buying and selling of the main currencies of the world take place.
  • Forex is the largest financial market globally (trading volume is around $ 5 Trillion per day) and is the most used by traders.
  • Forex trading consists of the value of pairs of currencies (EUR/USD, for example) and trades through online brokers, who buy or sell one currency for another, positioning the trend that they believe the market will take.
  • Forex trading requires knowledge, market analysis, and strategies to gain profits and have greater control over the risk of investments.

Forex and Binary Options

Both Forex and Binary Options can be highly profitable forms of investment for profit that require knowledge and sufficient strategy on the operation and mechanics of operations.

Some of the differences between the two lie in the structure of liquidity, the way in which profits and losses are calculated, the form of payment, the risks and the duration.

Forex and Binary Options. Differences


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Binary Options

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It operates only with currency pairs. It can be traded with metals, stocks, index and also currencies.
Operations open indefinitely until the trader decides. Transactions with expiration or expiration established in advance.
Variable and unlimited benefit: the benefit increases
if the price goes up.
Fixed and limited benefit: the percentage is known in advance.
The losses are variable according to the
trader’s risk management.
Losses are limited to the amount invested.
The broker’s commission is the difference between
the bid price and the strike price.
The commission of the broker is established by the difference between the rate of return and 100%.
The trader pays the market price at that time. The contracts of purchase and sale are executed at the moment. The trader does not buy or sell an asset, it only invests speculating on the direction the market will take.
The loss can be affected by sudden market movement. The loss is controlled based on the amount invested and the rough market conditions affect only a limited amount.


It’s a Long (up) position. A Call option means that you estimate that your position will end higher than where you bought it.

It’s a Short (down) position. A Put option means that you estimate that your position will end lower than where you bought it.

The term “in the money” refers to whether your speculation about the price of an asset is correct at the time it expires.

This term is used to indicate if the market moves in the direction opposite of its forecast or prediction on the price of the asset at the time it expires.

The term “pip” means “percentage in point”; It is used to refer to the smallest increase that can occur in the price of a currency pair. Most currency pairs change in four decimal numbers. Generally speaking, the pip is the fourth decimal of quotation, that is, the commission is the difference between the fourth decimal of the selling price and the purchase price. Forex commissions are measured in pips.

It is the difference between the purchase or sale price and the sale or purchase price.

It is the date of accounting annotation, although the client has it available at the same moment.


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“First of all, thank you for advising me. I knew very little about forex but I wanted to invest, and at first, I was scared of the myriad of websites out there on the subject of binary options. This business is not as easy as it seems, but companies like Horizon Trading Signals show you the way and give you the tools, information, and value to decide to enter the currency business. I am very grateful to expand not only my knowledge but the vision I had of this world that changed my life. Luck!

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“I have been in the binary trading business for many years and I always recommend other interested people to try this type of investment that is simple and has less risks than other operations. I also recommend a service like Horizon Trading Signals, which not only offers you good signals but also can advise you, without creating false expectations or influence in any way, like other companies.”

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Investments in securities, commodities, currencies, derivatives and other investment options are speculative and involve high degrees of risk. You could lose all or a substantial amount of your investment. Each investment is unique and entails unique risks. You should carefully read any and all offering materials and related information for specific risks and other important information regarding any investment, and consult with your advisors, before investing. This website does not list, and does not purport to list, the risk factors associated with any investment. The past trading performance of any trading program or instrument discussed herein is not indicative or a guarantee of future results.