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Your Guide To Binary Options Signals

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Horizon Trading Signals

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Horizon Trading Signals is a signal provider for Binary Options.
Our priority is  maximum transparency and that is how we keep our loyalty to our clients.

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2 weeks
Binary Options Signals:
60-100+ per month

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3 months
Binary Options Signals:
60-100+ per month

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Monthly Plan

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Binary Options Signals:
60-100+ per month

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Signals are received via your mobile device using a messaging app.

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We provide an average of 60 to 100+ monthly signals, with a very high success rate.

Open a Demo Account with your trusted broker, and follow our signals for a month or more before investing real money.

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Our Values

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We have no conflict of interest nor are we committed to any Broker.

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We publish all results for verification and comparison.

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Based on analysis and new technology.

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We avoid scams, unnecessary losses or emotional decisions.

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Complete orientation from the time of your subscription.

Binary Options.

With Binary Options you invest and win by predicting the future value of Forex currency pair quoted.


Trading refers to the purchase and sale of financial products, among others, the foreign exchange market (Forex), to obtain profitable earnings.


Brokers are responsible for trading in the market (Forex), serving as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, charging a commission or percentage of the investment amount.


Forex is the abbreviation used to refer to the “Foreign Exchange Market,” the international market of currencies, where the buying and selling of the main currencies of the world take place.


Elena R

“I have been using Horizon’s service for a couple of months now and I would really like to congratulate them on excellent customer service. I had many questions and I always had a response almost immediately. Thank you for all your good work! “.

James F.

“Very professional signal provider. I receive my signals daily to my phone and make the trades as fast as I can. There are good days and bad days, but for the most part my good days have been more than enough to compensate for the bad. I have been with Horizon for 3 months now and my personal ITM% with their service is 68% although I didn’t do every they sent”.

Paul S.
United Kingdon

“In the beginning, it was a bit challenging for me to adapt since I am new to trading, but I can certainly say that it has been one of my best investments of my time that I have made. My income really has improved thanks to Horizon”.

How to create a Demo Account?

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Investments in securities, commodities, currencies, derivatives and other investment options are speculative and involve high degrees of risk. You could lose all or a substantial amount of your investment. Each investment is unique and entails unique risks. You should carefully read any and all offering materials and related information for specific risks and other important information regarding any investment, and consult with your advisors, before investing. This website does not list, and does not purport to list, the risk factors associated with any investment. The past trading performance of any trading program or instrument discussed herein is not indicative or a guarantee of future results.